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Fishing is permitted without the need to own a fishing license from 1.5. to 30.11. with a valid permit, which can be bought at the reception. The used allowances are then returned to the reception or thrown into the mailbox in the area before the reception.


Allowance prices
Daily (Date) 200,- CZK
Weekly 500,-CZK
900,- CZK
Seasonal 3 000,- CZK


The pond, fish and allowances are property of Rybářství Třeboň a.s..



Local Fishing Rules for the Fishing of Rods Valid from 1.5.2017 for the Táborský rybník (Required to Decide)

1) When hunting fish, everyone must have a valid fishing hunt issued by the Rybářství Třeboň a.s. based in Rybářská 801 in Třeboň.
2) Fish fishing is permitted from 1 May to 30 November, the term of protection is set by law by 15 June for the following types of fish:candy, pike, catfish, asp.
3) Fishing in a pond may only be carried out in a manner consistent with the principles of the proper exercise of fisheries law, the protection of fish and other aquatic animals and the protection of nature. It is also forbidden to camp, camping overnight and making fires in the pond. Every fisherman is obliged to clear his / her catch position after the end of the fishing.

It shall in particular be prohibited:

  • Use to hunt means of explosive, annoying or narcotic, spikes, traps, rodless rods, forks, mowers, catching fish on the cords, hands and meshes, to use for fishing the fish.
  • Leaving garbage around the pond outside designated areas.
  • The hunting of fishing tackle and fish or part of it is permitted from 16 June.
  • Fishing for boats (and belly boats) and trapping is prohibited.
  • When hunting by "snapping" technique, it is permissible to fish only with one rod, and no other rod ready for hunting.
  • For the trapping, the holder of the allowance may use no more than two rods, each with a maximum of two single-hook rods. Only one leader can be used when catching a double-triangle and a fish.
  • The allowance holder may not use blood, bite flat, bite meat, and other forbidden baits.
  • Labeling of feed places by PET bottles, buoys, barrels. rod. buoys, etc.

Daily hunting sasons are set as follows:

  • November, December from 7am to 5pm
  • September, October, April from 5 am to 8 pm
  • May, June, July, August from 4 am to 11 pm

The hunter must be in possession of an identity card, authorized to fish on a given pond. On one day of hunting, a maximum of 7 kg of all fish (no more than 2 pieces of so-called noble fish, ie carp, pike, pike, catfish, bolen, amur) may be authorized to fish and the catch is required to be recorded in the catch report immediately after their capture. The fisherman is required to hook hooks, peacekeepers and landing nets. Youth up to 10 years of age may hunt accompanied and supervised by persons over 18 years of age.
4) It is forbidden to possess fish below the following minimum lengths:

  • carp od from 40cm to 70cm !!! (The upper limit for the carp is 70 cm. The carcass over 70 cm (including) must be returned to the pond where it was caught without delay and with utmost care.)
  • tench 20 cm
  • zander 45 cm
  • pike 50 cm
  • sumec velký 70 cm
  • wels catfish 50 cm
  • asp 40 cm
  • silver carp 50 cm
  • Ide 25 cm
  • brown trout 25 cm
  • perch 20 cm

5) The holder of a mandate may, when exercising the right to fish, enter the coastal land, but is obliged to compensate for the damage he / she causes. In the camping area, fishing is permitted only for guests accommodated.
6) The hunter is obliged to prove his / her identity to the fishing guard, to submit a valid authorization issued by the Třeboň a.s. Fishery, a daily catch and a duly completed catch list for inspection.
7) Inspection and supervision:
This activity is carried out by the fishing guard properly established by the Rybářství Třeboň and Police of the Czech Republic. This is the catchtaker obliged to allow the inspection of required documents, fishing tackle, tools and catches. In the event that the authorizing officer responsible for fishing does not comply with the provisions of these fisheries rules, the fishing guard shall have the right to remove the fishing authorization without being entitled to reimbursement of the funds spent on the purchase of the fishery.
8) Changing the rules is reserved.

Rybářství Třeboň a.s.

1. The catch report must be hunted, filled in, and within 15 days after the end of the validity period, must be handed over to the organization that issued it.
2. Write all data in an indelible way, keep the form clean.
3. If the writing is incorrect, cross out the line and write again.
4. Immediately after capture and retention, noble fish (see Local Fishing Rules), including their length in centimeters, must be recorded.
5. All fish that the hunter retains, that is, those that do not have the minimum length or which they use as fishflies, must be inscribed in the survey.
6. Infringement of the principles and method of hunting will invalidate the Fish Tales Mandate and this authority will be removed by the inspection body, including the existing catches.
Correct completion of the summary and timely handing-over (even if no catch has been achieved) will contribute to better harvesting.


Local catches

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